Saturday, November 22, 2014

Var är bussen?


Here we are again. With a small twist. It's Saturday. We've got some weird transfers this week because of Thanksgiving, so they moved our p-day to Saturday, just for this week. So, you'll all have to go over a week again before recieving another of my beautiful letters  (I'm sorry, you'll just have to deal with it; there's nothing I can do!).

Well, I guess I should tell you about how the week went. Monday was our first ever Family Home Evening- at least while I've been here. We've decided to try and get one going here because we've got a lot of New Converts and Less Actives who are about YSA age, and so we're trying to get it going for them. The first week.... it was an adventure. The elders had invited two older members to come, and while we'd invited a handfull of people, no one seemed like they were going to show up. Finally half an hour later, two of our new converts showed up- neither of them have much of a concept of time, so I don't think they'd realized it was closer to 7:00 than 6:00 when they showed up. In any case, they were late enough they'd missed most of the lesson, but they'd still come in time to play ping-pong, and so I ended up dodging ping-pong balls for about an hour while trying to eat my pepparkakor. It was a lot of fun, and so great to see them coming into the church! We've got hopes and dreams for next Monday that they'll be there again with a handful more.

Otherwise... we had quite the adventure on Thursday. We went out to Motala to visit our investigator and then went back to the train station to head home. We'd been sitting there about 15 minutes before we figured out something was wrong. Apparently, there was something wrong on the track a little farther up, and no trains were going all the way. So, we decided to take a bus instead, and it said that it would get us to Linköping, but halfway there, it pulled over to the side of the road, and the driver said to get out. He vaguely described to us where another bus should be leaving from in about 10 minutes, and there was another guy who was headed the same way, but honestly, we had no idea where we were or where we were going. By now it was about 8:00 at night, we'd been planning on being in Norrköping by now, and we had no idea when or if another bus was coming, and we were walking down a dark street in the middle of nowhere, hoping things worked out the right way. We were very seriously considering sending the elders a picture of us to use if they didn't hear from us that we'd made it home. No worries though; we weren't approached by any creepers, the bus to Linköping came, and we just ended up waiting another half hour in Linköping before another bus to Norrköping came to take us home. It was a late night, and very definitely not the planned night, but an adventure in any case.
We also had adventures with the elders yesterday- we were a little early on our way to a lunch appointment with a member, and just walking along our happy way when all of a sudden we get this picture from the elders. Of us. About 30 seconds before.  There was some seriousy stalking that ensued, and we ended up running all over the area around our apartment trying to figure out where in the world they were and get a few pictures back. No worries, we made it to our appointment with time to spare, and we got contacts in along the way, so we were still being effective with our time, but still....

And otherwise... it's been a good week. It was a lot of fun, it was really dark, and we're still out just doing the whole missionary thing 24-7. It's great. I love it; nothing better!

I love you all tons, and I hope you have a great week! Happy Turkey Day, and stuff your face just a little extra for me here in Sweden who has no day of thanks. Classy!

Much love,
Syster Maxwell

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