Monday, December 8, 2014

Stockholm? Again?

Well,  another week come and gone!

I've got a little countdown going until the 21st- that's how long I've got until the days are getting lighter and lighter, because right now, the sun is going down around 3:00, and then it's just dark. And there's no snow, so it's just dark. But on the bright side (clever, right?) there are lots of Advent and Christmas lights out, so it's been great!

Let's see.... well, in the last week, we've had a few adventures. We've been blessed to get to meet with a number of new investigators who are positive to varying degrees. The one thing I tend to notice as a general rule is that they're all very chatty, so we're doing our best to keep our lessons short, but they generally tend to run a little long. Oops. We'll be repenting and continuing to try to  work on that in the next few weeks.

Otherwise.... not much. Sorry, it's really short this week guys, but I'm currently not even in Norrköping, so everything's kind of getting squished in there. Where am I, you ask? Stockholm, that beautiful city that I never quite seem to escape. We came in for a doctor's appointment (no fears, this girl is healthy and staying in Sweden for 4 more months!), and we're headed out on splits with the Sister Training Leaders later tonight, which should be fun, since that means I'm taking Sister Stewart to Norrköping with me- making it the first time we've really had time together since the MTC!  It should be a blast.

More stuff next week, I promise, but I love y'all, I miss you like a fat boy misses chocolate cake, and I'll get back to you in a week!

Puss och kram

Syster Maxwell

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