Monday, June 23, 2014

The Best Part is, it's a Dress!

Hey, guys!

First, we have to start with a story called 'The Miracle of the Rainboots: Part II.' Last week we were doing our open church hours, and it started pouring rain. Like, solid walls of water pouring down out of the sky and drenching anything in its path in about 5 seconds. And, of course, since I was inside, I laughed a little thinking, 'oh, the poor Elders are probably caught out in this.' I paid for that later in the day when we went out and it started raining even harder (which I hadn't thought was possible until that point).  I was grateful for the small protection my light rainjacket provided, along with my umbrella. I have since decided never to leave the apartment without it. The ballet flats I was wearing got soaked through pretty fast, but in the days since, I have worn those beautiful rainboots of mine pretty much every day, and every day, they've come in handy. Seriously, it rains a RIDICULOUS amount here.

It just reminds me of how blessed I was feeling when I first bought them, as well as that little voice in the back of my head that said, 'Just wait and see how wet your summer gets!' Obviously, I continue to thank the Lord each and every day as I go out in the rain and try to do his work despite looking like a waterlogged.... something or other. We're not really sure just what, but we know it's wet.

Other than that, this week was fantastic! We had the chance to go to the Textile Museum here in Borås, which was fantastic. There was an amazing exhibit of clothes that looked frighteningly nothing like clothes. Seriously, they looked like floating balls of tentacles more than anything that goes on a human body. It was amazing to see how creative minds get with some of the things that we consider the most basic. And really, these clothes looked nothing like dresses.

We got the chance to help at the wedding reception of a family here in the ward, which was a lot of fun. I got to meet a lot more of the members, and I got my second round of eating Sandwich Torta. Still not my favorite, but maybe one day, I'll learn to like the stuff. As it was, it was more than a little strange to be there and realize that in about 9 months when I get home, that'll be pretty normal for me to be going to weddings and having friends and relatives getting married left and right. Freaky. *Fun fact: 'gift' (said 'yeeft') in Swedish means both 'married' and 'poison'.

We also had several minor miracles in the way of our lessons this week. We got to a point where we didn't have a name to put with a time, which, as missionaries
, makes us panic since we pretty well micro-manage our lives. So, acting in faith, we decided that we would teach in the time that we had, even though we had no idea who to.  So, we went out that day, and managed to bump into a new convert with his friend, who we were able to teach the Restoration, along with an amazingly sweet Swedish girl that we taught and have plans to see again tomorrow. It really is so amazing; the Lord does pay attention, and he does take care of us when we are doing our part.

And then, the part everyone (okay, me, and maybe my dad) have been waiting for since I got my call..... MIDSOMMAR! For those who do not know, in Sweden, they celebrate Midsummer every June, which is when the last of winter finally melts away everywhere in Sweden (still highs of about 55 F when it rains here- or it feels like it at least), and everyone goes out, picks flowers, and dresses up the Maypole, which is a cross with two hoops hanging on the ends, and leaves and flowers all over, which is then followed by dancing and singing, and all sorts of other traditions, along with most swedes getting drunk.

No worries, we stayed far away from the crazy drunks, and we were safely up at a members cottage in the middle of nowhere, happily decorating our own small Maypole and getting to learn a little of the traditions. It was seriously SO MUCH FUN, slightly chilly, and the best part was, I got to wear pants all day for the first time in 9 months. I felt surprisingly normal. It was great! Honestly, Midsommar is the best!

I love you all tons, and I hope you have a fantastic week! Stay classy!

Syster Maxwell

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