Monday, June 2, 2014

We're All Little God Seeds

Hey, everybody!

It has been another fantastic exciting week in Missionaryville, Sweden. It kind of froze over again for a few days, but otherwise it's actually been pretty nice. 

So, the last week has been kind of crazy. Why you ask? We had TRANSFERS. Duh-duh-DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Nah, it was actually really pretty great. Syster Morris has left, and I've now got Syster Sjöblom having to put up with me all day every day. Poor her. I really think she's getting the short end of the stick here because she's fantastic. Like, I've only spent four full days with her, but I've loved it tons, because she's really just amazing and I love how much I'm learning from her already.

My last few days with Syster Morris were kind of crazy. We ran all over the place to say goodbye to people (the phrase 'like chickens with our heads cut off' comes to mind, but of course, as missionaries, we were MUCH more dignified........), and on Tuesday, we had the amazing opportunity to go the temple with a recently reactivated member in our ward and do baptisms for the dead. It was actually really amazing; she picked out names for us specifically to do and then showed us pictures of the people and told us a little bit about them. I'd never really been able to do that with a name before, but it made it so much more meaningful in the temple to know what the person I was doing for looked like and a little about her life. Afterwards, we got burgers and fries with the cute woman we'd done baptisms with (and Swedes don't believe in small burgers and fries) and then literally five minutes later went to an African members house and got fed an entire second dinner along with dessert. We were STUFFED. But, it was really good, and it was amazing, as always, to see how much the members really do love and appreciate the missionaries.

As for the last few days with Syster Sjöblom, they really have been fantastic. It's been great to get a new look on missionary work in Gubbängen, especially when I've been here for a few months already.  I love getting out to contact with her. She will point out a 'beautiful daughter of God' a.k.a. a woman with a cigarette and headphones, and we'll briefly look to see if there's anything that sticks out and then talk to her about whatever we can come up with. It sounds crazy, but it really has given me such a different outlook on contacting and how it really is the way we find those people who are ready to listen to the message we have.

I remember too how we were preparing some of our lessons for the day, and we were talking about how God sees the divine potential in each and every one of us, and we compared it to a rose, and how it all starts from a seed. There's really not anything all that remarkable about a rose seed, and it's not necessarily even all that remarkable as it's growing, but we don't think less of it because it's not a rose yet. Instead, we nourish it because we know that one day it can be a beautiful rose. And it really is the same with us and our Heavenly Father; we're not perfect yet, maybe we're not all that remarkable now in the growing stages, but He knows our potential in Eternity, and that's why we're here is so we can grow. We're all just little God seeds waiting until we grow up into something more.

And yeah, there's my week. I hope you guys all enjoy the beautiful summer weather and have a great week! Love y'alls stinkin' guts!

Syster Maxwell

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