Monday, October 6, 2014

Come So Far, Got So Far to Go!

Hey, old friend, let's look back on the crazy clothes we wore. Ain't it fun to look back and to see it's all been done before? 

If anyone got that at all, they deserve a Marabou bar!

Well, it's been yet another fantastic week back in Borås! It still kind of throws me off how it's the exact same area, but at the same time, it's so different with a different companion in a different season, with different investigators..... so bizarre!

It also throws me off to realize that I was doing this missionary thing a year ago. Seriously, the time on a mission flies by so fast, and I love it so much, and I am overall just astounded and dumbfounded, and lots-of-other-big-words-ed by it.

In any case, Sister DeMille is AMAZING. By some missionaries logic, I have now become the Evil Step-Mother- Oj! I really hope she doesn't see me as evil..... In any case, it's been way fun to get to finish up her last few weeks of training, and it's been amazing to see how much she's really taught me even just in two weeks about so many different parts of the work while getting to know her cute personality.

Blessings of this week... Well, it didn't rain. You all knew it was coming, especially since I'm back in Borås. It didn't rain once in the last week, so I've just needed my jacket and tights for the chill rather than the wet. Sadly, it looks like that pattern is going to be ending soon, but while it's lasted, it's been absolutely fantastic and sunny, and brightly colored for the fall.

Another blessing of the last week- we now have a toaster! So, here's a funny story: Once upon a time, Sister Maxwell left Stockholm and went to Borås. And one morning after personal study, she decided she wanted to make toast. Nothing too questionable; all that happened was putting a piece of bread in a very old toaster and putting the inflexible cord into the socket. Well, the cord decided it didn't like this, and the wires literally exploded out of the plastic cord, and the fire alarm went off, and Sister Maxwell couldn't hear because her ears were ringing, and Sister Byrd was freaked out by the large bang that happened in the kitchen right before the rest of the noise (Sister Maxwell's shriek, the fire-alarm, and the sounds of pushing smoke out of the kitchen). And poor Sister Maxwell still didn't have any toast! Fast forward two months, Sister Maxwell has left and come back to Borås, and there is STILL NO TOASTER. We are talking serious first world problems here, people! Luckily, this was solved by the delivery of a toaster at district meeting, so Sister Maxwell (who is just now realizing she has spent this entire story referring to herself in the third person) could now enjoy her toast with cheese and jam for breakfast. And this is why we are grateful for toasters that don't explode. (Note: no missionaries or apartments were harmed in the making of this story).

And otherwise, it's been a fairly average week. We talked to a lot of people, I went on splits to Västra Frölunda with Sister Guinn, and Sister Ludwig came to Borås. It was a lot of fun getting to go into Göteborg for a day and meet some of the members there and learn so much from Syster Guinn.

We also got the chance to serve a cute older member in the ward who'd just started coming back to church when I left. She's had a fall since I left, so we got the chance to go over and give her a message, and then later come back and help her with a few things around the apartment that she can't manage herself. It's one of those things I don't understand, but am so grateful that you can be blessed with so much love for a person you don't really know all that well- that you are so happy for the tiniest chance to serve them in the most simple way and help them understand their worth before God and to know that He's there and loves them. Seriously, getting the chance to serve others so regularly (beyond just the normal range of missionary work, i.e., teaching, contacting, etc) has been one of the things I've loved most about my mission so far.

I guess the last thing worth mentioning is general conference- the three general sessions I've seen ( the Saturday Afternoon session starts too late for us to watch here) have all been fantastic. It truly is a blessing to be talked to by a living prophet every six months and to be so spiritually fed that you go back to your apartment that night more tired than if you'd been out contacting the entire day. I can't wait to watch the fourth session and to get the chance to read over the talks again in the Ensign and start applying the things that we've been taught in my life and in my missionary work. That, and, it's super cool to realize that in that moment, we as a church are absolutely one. All over the world, people are stopping to watch conference. My family, my friends at home and on missions, the members and new omvänds I've worked with here in Sweden, everyone, is stopping to watch conference. It's kind of a cool concept, and I'm so very grateful for the chance I've had to learn and watch alongside so many both literally and a little more metaphorically.

I love you all so stinkin' much, and I hope you have a fantastic week! Ni är bästa!

Syster Maxwell

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