Monday, October 20, 2014

There are NO 'Mini Cats' in our Church!

Hey, guys! It's been yet another fabulous week in the Sweden Stockholm Mission. It's still rainy here in Norrköping (which, by the way is fantastic- even if it's not as rainy as Borås), and the fall chill is definitely starting to settle in. I think I'll probably be wearing tights from now until the time that I go home.

Last week was full of good-byes in Borås, but none of them were too bad- most people were guessing that they'd be seeing me again right after the new year. We'll see if that happens; for now, I'm loving being in Norrköping.

The actual transfer was..... well, I'm glad that there were always other missionaries around to help me with my suitcases, because I have no idea how we all would have made it to Norrköping in one piece otherwise. We left Borås on Tuesday afternoon so that we could spend the night in Stockholm to be in time to pick up greenies on Wednesday. It was really weird to be traveling right then - the sun set about 20 minutes after the train left Gothenburg, and we were mostly going through the country side, so it was pitch-black outside the train windows for most of the ride there. As it was though, it was still a great train ride with Sister DeMille, Sister Stewart, and Sister Dawson until we made it to T-Central and then headed up to spend the night in Täby.

 was obviously an exciting day. After a week of waiting to find out who I would be training, I finally was going to find out, and then somehow manage to get all my baggage and hers to Norrköping. And guess what. That lesson I learned about expecting the unexpected? Still valid. I'd known there was a certain Syster Allen coming to our mission who I'd gone to high school with coming in the group I'd be training, but I was totally not expecting it when she read my name off her training call. It's been so much fun getting to be her companion for the last few days, and I'm so excited to get to be with her here in Norrköping for the next few months!

As for being here in Norrköping, it's been exciting to be doubling in. Our first night here, we went to go visit a TU the sisters here before us had set up. Lo and behold, she's almost totally deaf and blind. Like, she understands just enough that the gist of things get through, but that's after MANY repetitions, and sometimes trying to find a new way to say things. So, in teaching the Restoration, the word 'myndighet' or, 'authority' is used many times in explaining prophets, and for some reason that word was especially hard for her, to the point that one time she literally asked us 'sa du nånting om mini katten?' or 'did you say something about a mini cat?' She's so sweet, and so... it just reminds me of Despicable Me where Doctor Nefario mishears Gru and builds a fart-gun (instead of a dart gun) and all Gru can say is 'Why...... why are you so old?' Don't misunderstand, I love her to pieces, but she's is definitely more than a little hard of hearing.

Other than that, we've been having a lot of fun meeting with less actives and contacting our butts off and getting to know the area. So, more adventure are going to be forthcoming, but for now, the greatest adventure is wandering around in a foreign city talking to people I've never met before and trying to figure out what in the world the Lord wants me to do to help them come unto Him- so, in other words, missionary work at it's best! Wouldn't have it any other way! 

I love you all tons, and I miss you like a fat kid misses cake. Have a fantastic week, and I'll talk to you all soon!

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