Friday, January 2, 2015

Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

Hey! Well, it's been a more than average week here in Sweden.

So, let's start with back in Norrköping- we got invited to one last members for Annandag Jul (the second day of Christmas), where, luckily, I think they realized we'd had four Julbords in the last 2 days, so they just gave us pasta and a little salad, and then, we tried to teach them how to play scum. This poor couple.... they were giving it their best, but between our Swedish skills (how often do you have to explain card games to Finns???) and their trying to figure out the game mostly by watching, we only made it through a few rounds.

Then, SaturdaySaturday was dramatic. So, we'd already gotten the call that I'd be transferring from Norrköping to Stockholm to be with Stewart, and the elders and Syster Allen had decided we should go to lunch to celebrate my last day. And, then, on the way there, we get a call from the assistants to say that they hadn't thought through that Sister Stewart and I both go home in the beginning of April, and they didn't want to double us out of Stockholm, so they had decided to send me to Uppsala with Sister Bass, and Sister Stewart would be staying in Stockholm with Sister DeMille joining her. 

Sunday was some saying goodbye, especially to our family of nyomvänds from Syria. I loved getting to know them so much, and it was so hard to say goodbye, but I know I've left them and all of Norrköping in good hands. 

Monday we got up, and I got on a train just before 8:00 up to Uppsala. And things have just been crazy ever since then. Literally, I have not had a slightly normal day since Sunday. Monday was getting my things into the apartment, and then lunch with a member, and area work with the elders, and then running around to teach lessons, and then packing up so that we could spend all day Tuesday doing work-overs. The sisters in Gävle doubled in when I got to Uppsala, so we went up to help them sort through their area book and get some stuff set up for the next few days. It was a lot of fun for a few reasons, 1), I finally made it north of Stockholm, guys! 2), it was a lot of fun to get to spend some time with Sister King and Sister Jacobs and get to know them better. It was Sister Jacobs birthday, so we got some kebab and put candles in it, then sang to her in English and Swedish. They're both amazing missionaries, and I'm excited to get to work with them more in the next few weeks.

We spent the night in Gävle, then took a train back to Uppsala the next morning to get ready to go to Upplands Väsby at the north end of Stockholm to spend New Years eve with a lot of sisters and the Tolleys. SOOOO MUCH FUN. They'd gotten special permission from President Beckstrand for us to watch Frozen and a few other movies, so we played games, watched Frozen and a few Hallmark movies (and bawled our eyes out watching one of them), and then they drove us back to the Täby sisters apartment right around midnight so that we could spend the night there before they came back to drive us to Uppsala this morning to manage our tvättstuga (laundry).

So, in response to the question, 'how's Uppsala?' it's good from what I've seen of it. There's more snow here  than I've seen for quite a while, although it's currently doing its best to melt away. We live a ways outside of central stan, so we have to walk through a bunch of fields and rådhus to make it to the church, but is in in walking distance, so that's a bonus. Hopefully I'll have a little more to report next week on how things are actually going here, but for the time being, I'm loving it. 

I love you all tons, and I hope you have a great week and an amazing 2015!

Syster Maxwell

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