Monday, January 12, 2015

It's not that it was a Bad Day, it's Just That the Best Part Was when I Ran Through a Field Throwing Snow and Singing "Let it Go"


Guess what magic happened this week..... IT SNOWED! Duh-da-da-DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After more than a year in Sweden, I was beginning to doubt it was even possible, but then, this week, it snowed and snowed and snowed and snowed. Meaning, we've got about 4 inches, but watching it come down was 1) one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen and 2) looked like if we were in Utah, there would have been a foot and a half by the end of the night. I still have some hopes; it's supposed to snow more later in the week, but as it is, I'm loving that Uppsala has become a winter wonderland.

Other than that, it was actually a pretty chill week. I think that the weeks around New Years  (at least in Sweden) are universal finding weeks because everyone starts saying "contact me after the new year" and so, the new year rolls around and you have to start doing more swing-bys than you thought existed in your area book and more ring-stunding than you knew you had phone-numbers for. It's seriously been a huge push for finding, but I think in the next two or three weeks, we'll start seeing it pick up again- tomorrow is tjugondedagen Knut- "tjugondagen knut körs Julen ut" or in other words, "on the 20th day of Knut, we'll drive Christmas out!" meaning, people can stop blaming their inability to meet on the holiday season, and we'll get back to missionary work as usual!

Other news.... sorry, guys, there isn't much. We got a new elder here this past week, and his train came in 5 HOURS LATE. So, that was an adventure. And then I got to make cinnamon rolls. Like, really, it was just a slow, placid week. Yesterday, after a solid day of letter writing (we have a woman who doesn't want us to go by to teach her her, but she wants a letter explaining what we believe in), and updating area-book stuff, I think I must have snapped to some degree, because, on the walk home, there was no one there, and so, I literally started singing "Slå dig loss" ("Let it Go"- both the English and Swedish were involved here, so both deserve credit), and right after the big dramatic moment "... don't let them know. Well now they now! Let it go!" I would run out into the field, grab a huge handful of snow, and just throw it as high as I could. Seriously, it might just be the strange missionary part of me, but I can honestly say it was the best part of the day to just "let it go" and laugh a little extra. 

And yeah. I pinky promise there'll be more fun stuff to tell y'all next week, but until then, I love you all, I hope you have a great week, and stay classy!

Syster Maxwell

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