Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Swedish or Not?

All right, people, I've been putting this off for forever, but after as many months as I've been out, I've decided that it would be fun to send you a little email, because it's amazing what things are Swedish that people have no idea about but use all the time, and other things people think are super Swedish that Swedes just kind of blink at. So, here's the list: Swedish or Not.

ABBA: Very Swedish. For those of you unaware, ABBA made it big in the 70's by winning a competition called Eurovision. They are all from Sweden, and for a while, they were Sweden's biggest industry.

Swedish Fish: Not Swedish. At least not the little gummy candies we eat all the time in the States. While Swedes like their fish AND their gummy candy (that can be fish-shaped at times), most Swedes have no idea Americans even eat a candy with the word 'Swedish' on the label.

IKEA: This one surprised me that people didn't get it; the entire store is blue and yellow! Of course it's Swedish! And after living in Swedish apartments, just the entire thing is one big lesson on Sweden and it's culture and their ability to cram their entire lives into a tiny little apartment.

H&M: The official name of this store is Hennes och Mauritz, and the headquarters is located in Stockholm. It's also a super Swedish store, and one I've definitely fallen in love with- thank heavens I won't leave it behind when I go home!

The Swedish Chef:  Very American. Also, it's not quite worth it to give it it's own point, but the Swedish Chef's accent is very definitely a Muppet and not a Swedish thing; Swede's actual speak very good, intelligible English.

'The Final Countdown' by Europe: Yup, Swedish again. The band started in Stockholm.

Ace of Base: Anyone who knows any of their songs from the 90's (The Sign, for example) knows more Swedish music.

'All I Ever Wanted' by Basshunter: Swedish!

'Young Folks' by Peter, Björn, and John: Swedish. Fantastic song.

Other Swedish Bands: Icona Pop, Avicii, Swedish House Mafia, Roxette, The Cardigans, Robyn, Rebecca and Fiona, and First Aid Kit, to name a few. 

Crepes: The French steal credit for it, but if you ask the Swedes, Swedish Pancakes are the original crepe.

Smorgasbord: Smörgåsbord. Every large gathering, the Swedes always have a table set up of a modge-podge of foods that you can pick and choose from.

Thor: He's Norse. Meaning Scandinavian. Meaning, the Thor legends spread over Sweden and Norway, and parts of Denmark too.

Swiss Army Knives: NOT Swedish. I can't tell you how many people have told me to buy an army knife.

Swiss Cheese: Also not Swedish. While Swedes's have fantastic cheese, it's not particularly famous for a certain holey cheese.

Swiss Chocolate: Also Swiss. Meaning, also not Swedish. Although, Sweden does have some REALLY good chocolate.

Swiss: I regret to inform everyone that Swiss is not a language, and I do not speak it. Not even a little bit.

Switzerland: This one is definitely not Swedish. It's a small country located between France and Germany, while Sweden is at the Northern end of Scandinavia. 

Volvo and SAAB: Originally created here in Sweden. Very Swedish.

Spotifiy: Mycket Svensk. Swedes are very proud of this one.

Skype: Also Swedish. Thank you, Sweden, for letting me talk to my family twice a year.

This has been 'Swedish or Not?' We hope you've learned something or at the very least, gotten a bit of a laugh.

Syster Maxwell

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