Wednesday, January 8, 2014

back on schedule

Well, things are back to normal here. The holidays are 'gone,' which means that while today is technically a holiday here in Sweden, we missionaries are back to business as usual. It's actually been really nice to be getting back into regular missionary work, because the last two weeks have seemed longer with the non-proselyting days. They were a lot of fun, but now we get to focus and work again.

We're still enjoying having the lovely Syster Eriksson with us for a few more days. We are currently working to get her Visa so she can go to the MTC, but until then, we are happy to have her with us. I know that my Swedish is improving tons while having her here, and I think it's been great for her to be so close to home in those first few days while trying to adjust to the missionary lifestyle.

We have had a few amazing experiences in the last week that really just show how God uses us to answer others' prayers. Last Friday, we were dropping by some less actives in our ward. Usually, they aren't home, and if they do, they kindly let us talk for a little bit, talk about letting us come back and we leave, so it was more than a little surprising when we knocked on a less active member's door, and the second she recognized who we were, she welcomed us in. We stayed for quite a while, talking about prayer and strengthening the family. At the end of the lesson, she told us that she'd just decided she wants to make religion more important in her life a few days before, and that she'd actually been praying to know how to bring the Spirit into her life a little more. 

We also had an amazing contact the other day. We were sitting, waiting for the Pendeltåg when a guy walks up to us, and says with the most Mid-Western accent I've heard in months, 'You're American, aren't you?' He then started talking to us, and asking us all about missionary work and about the Church. It was so amazing to have a contact start talking to us, and if every contact worked that way, I would be happy for the rest of my days as a missionary.

As it is though, contacting can be a bit of an adventure, so I'll keep doing it anyways. It's been a while since I've been told I was brainwashed, but just this morning, we were talking to some Polish men who were very kind as Syster Eriksson spoke the very little Polish she knew to tell them about being a missionary.

Still no snow here in Sweden. It's a little strange, because everyone always tells me in letters and emails not to freeze my butt off, but I honestly think it's been warmer here than at home. Syster Eriksson has confirmed my suspicions that it is unseasonably warm and not to expect this next winter, but for now, I'll take it because it means I'm not sliding all over the place when I run after my companions.

And I think that about sums up the last four days. I love you all tons, and I hope all's going well!

Syster Maxwell

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