Monday, January 13, 2014

Where Did the Sun Go?

Actually, to say the sun is gone isn't entirely true, however, we've seen a lot less of it in the last few days, because we finally got snow! It started snowing on Friday morning, and it finally stopped in the last 12 hours or so. We don't have a ton of snow, but there's definitely a feeling that the snow is here to stay. As it is, the air has been a lot colder. My breath has started freezing on my scarf, and I've been bringing out my enormous boots so that I don't slip on the ice.

However, even with the cold, life is still great as a missionary. We went to the Embassy this morning (which I think is part of why I'm so focused on the cold), and while Syster Eriksson went in for her Visa interview, Syster McCollaum and I were waiting outside for 2 hours, with the end result that hopefully her visa is sent to us in the next few days. We did a happy dance right there outside the Embassy, we were so excited for her. We're not sure yet how much longer we'll get to hold on to her. We're half hoping that she goes soon because she's already been waiting so long, and half hoping to hang on to her, because she's just amazing.

This week was a little harder with lessons. We've had some problems meeting with our investigators in the past week, and we had to drop one of them, so we didn't teach as much as we would've liked, but hopefully that will get better in the next week.. As it was, we had the most amazing lesson with a less active this week. We'd met her while we were out dropping by, ironically, less actives, and it came out that we should stop by her house sometime before she left on vacation and before Syster Eriksson left for the States, so we set a time for Thursday. But, since we had district meeting on Thursday morning, we didn't get any time to plan for her lesson until we were on the bus to her house. For some reason, I had the thought to talk about studying the scriptures daily, and about 1 Nephi 10:19, and how to find answers to our questions in the scriptures. We had about 5 minutes to plan, so we stuck with that simple lesson plan, and went to her house for lunch. 

It turned out to be absolutely perfect. She'd been reading something on a post put up by the church on Facebook about scripture study and had had the thought she should do that, but hadn't been able to commit to studying  regularly in her scriptures. We were able to answer a lot of her questions about how to study in the scriptures, and ideas for how to help deepen her understanding. The spirit in that lesson was so amazing. Syster McCollaum tried to attribute it to revelation later, which I'll accept only because I know I'm not bright enough to know on my own that that was exactly what  she needed at that time.

And for the record, we as missionaries are so blessed to get an hour of personal study every day. I love personal study. I think it is quite possibly my favorite hour of the day. It's the unique time we get between us and the Lord to be spiritually prepared for the day ahead and to be spoken to by the Spirit very directly. Maybe I don't get a lightning bolt every day, but I do know that I get fed spiritually, and that more often than not, even if I'm just reading the next page from yesterday's study, the questions I have for myself and for my investigators get answered, and my understanding of the gospel and our Savior's love for us increases. Honestly, the scriptures are the best thing on the planet, and I love them so much.

As always, it's great to be a missionary. I hope things are going well for everyone at home. Thanks to everyone who gives prayers and support. I miss you all like a fat boy misses cake, but to be here serving the Lord is worth it.

Syster Maxwell

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