Monday, August 25, 2014

Attitude is the key

Hey guys! It's been another fabulous, windy week here in Malmö. 

Things were truthfully a little slow for us here in Malmö; we still have been going out teaching and contacting our butts off, but for some reason, a ton of our appointments just fell through this week. Silly people! All the sisters want to do is tell you that you're a beautiful son or daughter of God and help you have a better day and eventually better eternal life. Sillies. 

Anyways, a definite bonus of this week was getting to travel up to Göteborg for mission tour, which is essential Zone Conference with a general authority. Something that I really enjoyed was how much I felt like they emphasized how much your attitude determines things- contacting, lessons, and your overall success as a missionary, and much more than the numbers ever will. It helps me realize how much I have to work on. I've got to be honest, it can be discouraging when you have sweet grandmas shout at you, or a less active slams a door in your face, but it says right in the first chapter of Preach My Gospel not to let this be discouraging; that weakens your faith. And that really is something I want to strive after- remembering that it doesn't matter how they've reacted, I've fulfilled my purpose in inviting them to come unto Christ and giving them an opportunity to learn about the gospel.
Another upside to mission tour: I saw two of my most favoritest women ever there. I walked in, and the first person I saw was Syster Stewart. There may or may not have been immediate enormous hugs and laughing and a small shout/scream of joy involved which may or may not have scared all the greenies. You get excited when you haven't had the chance to talk to a person in 10 months! And, right after her, I saw Syster Byrd. I gotta be clear, I love Malmö, but in some ways I'm still really sad I didn't get longer in Borås with Syster Byrd. In any case, it was so exciting to get to see her again and to find out that one of the investigators we found together was supposed to get baptized this past Saturday(still haven't gotten the Second Harvest email, so I'm not going to say he was baptized until I know for sure- also, for those of you who are regular readers, this is the guy who prayed things could be like cowboys), and that another has a baptismal date for the weekend before my birthday. Even if I was only there six weeks, I in no way feel like I didn't have a purpose there, and that it was exactly where I needed to be for myself and the people there.

As for Malmö, things are still going well with Sanny. It was a little harder for us to meet this week because of his work and some health problems he's been having, but after our lesson he was asking if we could talk a little more about baptism. We've gotten to meet with some great less actives in the past week too, from one of which, I got a really good recipe for cherry saft-which also apparently works for Strawberrys. It will not die when I leave Sweden!

So, there it is. Sorry, there's not a ton this week, but know I love you guys ton, and I hope you have a great week!

Med vänlig hälsningar (MVH)
Syster Maxwell

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