Monday, September 1, 2014

Hallelujah! It's raining m- well, just rain, actually.

So, for those of you who haven't heard yet, there was serious flooding all over Malmö yesterday. Cars were floating away, busses were stuck up to their windows, parking garages became swimming pools, and entire lanes of traffic just disappeared. They shut down the busses around 8:30 in the morning after evacuating one or two through the windows. This was some serious rain!

But, luckily for you all, Syster Ludwig and I were not touched.  The worst we suffered was walking to church in the rain, and the absolute necessity of umbrellas as we walked all over Malmö. No swimming for these sisters! Sadly, this meant a lot of people couldn't make it to church yesterday, but, so far no one is the worse for wear.

This was a hard week in some ways. Our investigator, Sanny, has been sick and in and out of the hospital, so we haven't really been able to meet with him, and he couldn't make it to church yesterday, but we called him, and he is still holding on, and we're planning to meet with him as soon as possible.

We got some somewhat sad news this past Saturday, Sister Ludwig is going to be leaving on Wednesday, so Sister Hauglid is going to be coming here to take her place. I'm so super excited to get Sister Hauglid (because she's amazing and beautiful, and this I know before she's my companion), but I'm also sad that my time with Sister Ludwig was so short. I will miss singing in the kitchen and movie quotes- okay, let's be honest, I do that anyways, but I really am going to miss her tons and tons.

I think this week was in a lot ways just pausing to realize it's okay that I'm not a perfect missionary. Chances are, I probably never will be- okay, truth is, I never will be. I've been doing this almost a year now (how weird is that?), and I still learn new things every day. And that's the exciting part. I may not be perfect, but I would definitely say I've been polished a bit on my mission. I am learning and loving the people, and while I get frustrated and have less than Christ-like desires to shout at people or throw something after a particularly trying lesson or contact (remember, we've just established I'm not perfect, so don't even pretend to be shocked), the truth is that I I love the chance that I get each and every day to become just a little better and to understand just a little bit more. There is so much that I've learned, and there's definitely lessons that I'm still learning, but I can definitely say that I'm grateful for the knowledge I have that everything I'm learning now is preparing me for something else.

I love you all tons, and I hope you have a fantastic week! 

Syster Maxwell

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