Monday, February 23, 2015

I'll See You in Some Hour!

Well, it's been another fabulous week here in the Uppsala. It's a little weird to realize I've already been here as long as I have. It's actually just a little freaky. Last week I sent Sister Bass home to Utah, and I got Sister Modersitzki in her place, which has been so fun. She's super cute, and she's hardworking, but still chill and knows how to have fun. I'm so excited to see what we'll get to do together here in Uppsala for the next few weeks. 

Okay, so we'll back up to Monday and Tuesday before Sister Bass left. We spent most of the time saying goodbye to people. I also discovered the American store down in Stan, and I'm in love. They had large jars of JIF peanut-butter that I think I might go back for today. Along with Reeses Puffs. And every flavor of Pop-tart ever known to mankind. And a SHRINE to Jello. It was HEAVEN. And Tuesday was spent going around to a lot of members and saying goodbye. It was a lot of fun and A LOT of food. There was one family it was really fun to go to. While they made tacos (I'm still waiting for an American taco with cheddar cheese and guacamole, but these were still pretty good), we got to play with their daughters and I somehow ended up giving pony rides. For the record, that is NOT an easy job in a skirt, but it was so fun to get to spend some time with that family and get to know them better.Tuesday night we SUCCESSFULLY lit a paper boat on fire and sent it down the river and off to Valhalla before Bass left on Wednesday.

Wednesday and Thursday were kind of crazy just getting everyone settled and then having district meeting and then going on splits with Gävle. It was super fun to get to work with those sisters and get to know them better. 

Friday was another knitting night (yay! I'm getting so good, it's crazy. We get enough train time that it's worth it to have something to do besides just calling people. It gets old after an hour or so). Saturday we went to a few different appointments and did our weekly planning. While we were in Stan last week contacting, we were walking through Stora Torget and we heard this guy shout across the square in English to his girlfriend, 'I'll see you in some hour!' I died laughing. Generally speaking, everyone here is so good at speaking English, but sometimes things come out just a little funny (for the record, no judging me if I speak like them when I get home!!).

Sunday........ Sunday was interesting. First time I've missed a Sunday my entire mission. I woke up in the middle of the night and just got sick. Like, ew. No. But I am so grateful for all the love and support I got from my companion, the senior couples here in Uppsala, the elders, and the Lord who I'm SURE was keeping me from getting any sicker and was taking care of me. Seriously, I've been the most spoiled sister missionary ever known to Sweden for the last 36 hours. I've also decided I'm never EVER taking another sick day on my mission. It was frustrating. I got sick the day after weekly planning, so a lot of area book and calling people was taken care of, so I sat in bed and watched the D&C visual resources and read an entire Ensign and a few chapters of Jesus the Christ while occasionally getting up to walk the tiny area of our apartment to keep from going completely crazy. And the whole day I was just stressing over who had been at church and who we'd needed to talk to and whether or not they were being taken care of and wanting to go out and do stuff. So, I've decided I'll never get sick ever again. There's just too much to get done, and far too little time to do it.

I love you all so much, don't get sick (it seriously sucks), and I miss you tons!

Syster Maxwell 

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